Sunday, May 6, 2012

My experience with mathematics

When I was in the elementary school, I was very good in math. I always got high grades. In addition, I was very fast in calculating the number. Because my father was good in math, I liked this subject and did well. When I was in the junior high school, I sometimes didn't get high grades because I didn’t study in a precise way. So, I began to hate math. On one day, the math teacher expressed the questions and answers after ending the exam. I understood my faults and knew how to study math. It required that I focus, that I be accurate, and that I study all possibilities to get the correct result. After that, when I was in high school, the math teacher said, “Math is a very important subject, and if you want to do well, you should understand math very well”. His teaching was simple and he taught us how we must think in a short way to get the result. I like math in this way. In the next year, the math teacher was very complex. He shouted all time and refused any answer that wasn't compatible with his method, even if it was correct. He didn't encourage us to create or imagine. From this year, I didn't like math very much. I couldn’t hate because I had had a good time experience with it. When I was getting a correct result, I was very happy. In college, my study field didn't require much math. Recently, I am not good in math. When you ask me if I like it or not? I will say: “I like it and don’t like it”.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The persistence (short story)

On one day, there was a young man named Frank. He was in the last year of high school. He was very ambitious. He wanted to complete his study in college. At the same time, He was interested in basketball. He thought that he would get a scholarship if he played well in the national championship. Also, he needed to prove himself in this game since this was the best gift to his father who taught and supported him for many years.
Frank didn’t have tall or strong body like other players. He had skill and was fast. In addition, he was training and preparing very well. He played as a play maker. There was another player named James who played in the same position. James had a good height and good body build. Also, the coach of the team always preferred James to play. Frank wanted a chance to show his abilities and skills but he couldn’t get it.
The coach induced James to use stimulants that helped him to play well. Frank was learning about this situation, but he didn’t say anything to anyone because he loved his team. In spite of all these problems, Frank still dreamed and trained very well.
In the final match, James played the first and second quarter and then was injured.  There was only Frank was able to play in this position. Unfortunately, the team was losing, but the chance was coming and he must take advantage of it to change all his dreams to reality. His play was fantastic. He didn’t just score or pass, but also he encouraged his friends to do their best. All his problems changed to power. He was a real leader inside the stadium. Finally, his team won and got the championship. Frank got his goals because of his persistence and hard work. He didn’t give up or forget his dreams. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Differences in formal eating

      The eating customs are different from one country to another. The most important differences are in the number of utensils and how to use them. In my country, for example, the utensils of formal eating consist of fork, knife, spoon, dish and bowl, but in America there are extra knives and forks. We use knife in the right hand to cut the meat, and use the fork in the left hand to handle pieces of food. Sometimes, we use hand to eat a small sandwich. In American fashion, they put the knife on the margin of plate and then pick up the cutting food by using fork in the right hand. Also, they put the glasses in the right side of the person, while we separate them in front of the person to still be careful of the waiter's movement. For these differences and multi others, I think it is very important to learn the etiquette of dining to make the matter easier and avoid the embarrassment that might happen if somebody isn’t able to use different utensils. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Disaster preparation

Always the good preparation for anything is taking good results and making the matters easier. When it is expected to disaster with tornado, bad weather or anything else, it is necessary to study all the possibilities and take advantage from previous experiments to avoid the causalities and decrease the problems. So, the lecture was very important since it show the different situations that related to a storm, also it displayed how must prepare and behave, in addition to the steps that should be taken before and during the disaster. Therefore, I think it was very benefit and my attention was increased when I saw the CESL teachers and their careful to attend and listen. In turn, I think the lecture may become more interested if the speaker used photo or video to show the different situations during the storm. Anyway, he and the translator can explain all the required information to the attendance.     

juha has four legs

             On one day, Juha promised the sultan that he would cook ooze him a delicious ooze, hoping to get some gifts from the sultan. Juha went to his house. He and his wife worked together to cook the biggest and best one. When they completed it, he took it and went to the sultan's house. In the road, Juha felt he was very hungry; therefore, he ate one of leg of ooze.Then, when Juha gave the ooze to the sultan, the sultan was surprised and said, “There is just one leg, where is another?”. “Oh, all the oozes in our town have one leg, and if you don’t believe me you can look at the oozes in the lake” Juha said. The sultan looked at to lake and all the  oozes had one leg, because they were at a rest. Then, the sultan sent one of his helpers with a big stick to separate the oozes. “Look, they have two legs” the sultan said. Then Juha said ” With this sticks I will run on four legs” 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Business in carbondale

        One of the most interesting businesses that take my attention in Carbondale is the taxi office. It’s very interesting since its requirements are very simple. They require only office and cars. In Carbondale, there is a need for a taxi, since Carbondale has many students and most of them are coming from outside the U.S. and they don’t have cars. In addition, the town down and many stores and malls aren't near campus; therefore, many people need to get a taxi to take them to these places. 
       In my country, the situation is completely different; one can easily get a taxi just by raising a hand because there are many taxis roaming in the street, but you should decide on the wage before riding the car. 
      I recommended my friends to use this service when they need to go to any place. By the way, I think there  are many thoughts that may develop this service, for example, making a discount to any person after using their office for many times. I think that may encourage many people to use a taxi. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The family business

In my country, the family business is always successful at the beginning of the projects then the problems begin accruing. My uncles have one family business. They were working in a factory and I worked with them in the vacations. The work was great but there are many problems that occurred. One of the most important of these problems was jealousy. In addition, every member felt that there was no privacy in the work and that they killed the creativity in the work and made the work just routine. I think, in turn, that family business is giving the strength to each member. They support each other in different situations. Also, I think that the critical criterion in this type of business is the managing. If manager or leader is strong and able to understand the personal matter with each member, I think the business will be successful.